Dr. Rebottaro specializes in creating full dentures, an essential solution for those who have lost all their teeth. With a keen artistic eye, Dr. Rebottaro meticulously arranges the replacement teeth to achieve a youthful and natural appearance. This arrangement not only enhances chewing function but also harmonizes with the individual’s facial features. The emphasis is on blending technical skill with an aesthetic touch, ensuring the dentures seamlessly integrate into the patient’s smile and overall look. Patients can trust Dr. Rebottaros’ expertise for personalized dentures that not only restore function but also boost confidence by delivering a comfortable fit and an aesthetically pleasing result. Overall, Dr. Rebottaros’ approach focuses on both the functional and visual aspects, providing a comprehensive dental solution.

All-on-X dentures are a fantastic dental option for edentulous patients, allowing them to regain confidence and truly love their smile again.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures offer an effective solution for individuals who have a few remaining natural teeth or dental implants. These existing teeth or implants serve as a foundation for the partial dentures. Traditionally, metal clasps are used to secure the partial denture, but with careful placement and masterful design they can be hidden, rendering the clasps nearly invisible and improving the overall aesthetic appearance. Partial dentures dentures are a great way for patients to gain more chewing surface and gain aesthetics with the appearance of additional teeth.

Implant supported dentures (All on X)

“All-on-X,” also known as “All-on-4,” represents a category of dentures relying on implants as their foundational support. Unlike removable options, this type of restoration is permanently affixed. Its aesthetic qualities surpass those of removable alternatives, making it an excellent choice for patients with failing or missing teeth. Dr. Rebottaro employs cutting-edge technology for digital planning in these cases, enabling some patients to attain a beautiful new smile in a single day. This restoration not only revitalizes a patient’s bite, restoring it to full strength, but also enhances their quality of life by giving them a beautiful smile.

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